Nottingham Poetry Festival

Nottingham Poetry Festival is an annual celebration of contemporary poets and their work, showcasing both our local and global talent, and working to provide innovation and growth for both stage and page. Join us at the wonderful Nottstopping fest to watch all the best bits from the last five years of Nottingham Poetry Festival lus new and unseen DIY recordings from our poets in splendid isolation now. Featuring Lemn Sissay, Brian Patten, Roger Mcgough, Elvis Mcgonagall and many, many more!

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3pm-4pm Daron Carey
3pm-4pm Aalia Zorko 0:05
3pm-4pm Brian Patten 0:10
3pm-4pm Cullen Marshall 0:03
3pm-4pm Attila the Stockbroker 0:11
3pm-4pm Carly Williams 0:02
3pm-4pm Roger McGough 0:11
3pm-4pm Cleo Asabre- Holt 0:02
3pm-4pm Bridie Squires 0:01
3pm-4pm Basia Zamorska 0:02
3pm-4pm Sophie- Slow Dancing with Our Jack 0:01
4pm-5.15pm Lemn Sissay
4pm-5.15pm Luke Wright

Sunday 24 May

2pm-3pm Michelle Hubbard 0:01
2pm-3pm Hugh Dichmont 0:04
2pm-3pm Mouthy Poets 0:10
2pm-3pm Joe Sandhu 0:03
2pm-3pm Bridie Squires 0:02
2pm-3pm Jenny ‘Hibword’ Hibberd 0:04
2pm-3pm Kate Hewett 0:01
2pm-3pm Lily Petkova 0:02
2pm-3pm Stacie Epostito 0:03
2pm-3pm Elvis Mcgonnagal 0:10
2pm-3pm Gail Webb

3pm-4pm Ruth Padel
3pm-4pm Henry Normal


Sunday 24th


Nottingham Poetry Festival


Poetic goodness from across the world.




Nottingham Poetry Festival



Nottingham Poetry Festival

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