I’m Not From London

Featured as a part of the Saturday Light Hustle Nottstopping main stream with a brilliant Notts version of “It’s A Wonderful World” with lots of well known faces and the INFL Notts Very Long Songs project featuring some of the finest bands in Notts, recording songs under 30 seconds in length with all proceeds from sales going towards providing gifts and treats for Keyworkers in Notts 🙂


We’re not sure what time yet, so you may as well just watch the whole thing.

A Nottingham-based music events promoter, record label and music publisher that began life 15 years ago, INFL’s continuing mission is to educate, nurture and champion the talents of those involved in the business and art of music on either side of the microphone.


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I'm Not From London


Feel Good Collaborative Music Ensembles


Im Not From London Presents: Notts Very Long Songs

I’m Not From London and Adventure Mayhem promotions are asking Nottingham musicians to write and record a 30-second song, which they will release digitally through INFL. Email Nottsverylongsongs@gmail.com and they'll get back to you with more details! Money raised goes to the Nottstopping Festival fund supporting keyworkers.

Notts Very Long Songs

I'm Not From London Presents: A Nottstopping Keyworker Special

I’m Not From London are producing a music video comprising of key workers, Nottingham musicians and industry faces singing a line from a well known song to remind people of the inherent love we all have for one another in the face of adversity.