Can Samba: The Yowler Project

The Yowler, a twice-removed cousin from the Can Samba Howler. Knit, knot, plait, pom pom, crochet or embroider a mini piece of yarn art to create the first-ever community Yowler. Dedicate your artwork and we’ll post it up over the festival weekend as we add your piece to the beast! When the #nsfYowler is released at an event near you, people will come from afar to admire this crazy, collaborative, community, creature!

Knit, crochet or pom pom a small piece of yarn art

DEADLINE 21st May 2020

Piece(s) should cover an approx area of 5-10cm square, they can be any shape – 2D or 3D – and they can be any colour, abstract or anything you like e.g. an eye, a bird, a shape, etc. Decorate in any way with embroidery, beads, sequins, twigs, stones – just let your creativity run riot! Please avoid loose glitter. Make one or several pieces just get creative with friends and family! DEADLINE 21st May 2020

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Can Samba’s Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds whilst we can’t make an income can be found here at the bottom.

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All weekend, mostly! Keep checking in for Yowler progress!


Can Samba


Knit, crochet or pom pom a small piece of yarn art


The Yowler Project

Build the first ever community Yowler! Use #nsfYowler to get featured over the festival weekend

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