Cooking up a Storm – In partnership with Himmah Foodbank

We all love some good grub and every family has a favourite meal. Send us the recipes that are special to you and tell us why they mean so much. Over the weekend some familiar faces will cook up a storm with a selection of the recipes you send in as well as some of their own. Or do you have a flair for cooking and would like to host a LIVE cook-a-long?


please get in touch


Step by Step:


Cook up your favourite dish

Struggling to find everything you need? Make a dish with anything you've got in your pantry!


Channel your inner food photographer

Take a pic of your meal in your isolation bunker. Bonus points for presentation


Tag us on social media and tell us why you love your dish

Use the hashtag #NottstoppingMeal on Instagram on Twitter


Tune in for the cookalong!

On the 23rd and 24th of May we'll be showcasing our top picks in a live cookalong